The Best Way To Have A Dedicated IT Staff

Our Employees.
Your Staff

Some larger organizations prefer to have a dedicated on-site IT staff instead of a contract with an IT company. Apollo Networks can provide you with staffing services, combining the benefits of having an on-staff technician with the incredible reach and 24-hour helpdesk and monitoring services offered by Apollo Networks. We even cover you if your technician is out sick.

If you already have an IT technician on staff, we’ll hire them and assign them to your site. Contact us to find out how you can keep your current technician and take advantage of this service.

We Handle Everything

Payroll, benefits, HR, insurance, time off - we cover everything. Your dedicated IT technician is employed by us, so you don't need to worry about any administrative tasks.

Standby Employees

We have technicians on standby. If your technician takes time off, calls in sick, or is otherwise unable to make it to work, we send a substitute at no additional charge.

24\7 Monitoring

Just as is offered by our helpdesk services, our NOC technicians will monitor your infrastructure 24 hours per day. If an issue arises after hours, our techs will handle it.

Take Advantage Of Our Reach

Your Staff.
Only Better.

An in-house IT technician can only do so much. One person can’t be expected to monitor after hours, perform updates, and work on infrastructure projects while performing the role of helpdesk. 

Apollo Networks dedicated staff members can focus on what you need them to, while our NOC technicians work to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Save Money. Keep your current tech.

Contact Us To Set Up
A No Cost Consultation

The consultation is free and quick, and you can optionally keep your current tech (if you have one).

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