Affordable Network Upgrades

Network Upgrades Are Not Out Of Reach.

No Barrier To Entry
Nothing Out Of Pocket

We offer payment plans allowing you to pay for your network over time.

Custom Built
Never Cookie-Cutter

Your network is built specifically for your needs, and is never a pre-built solution.

Everything In One Place
All-Inclusive Design

We will handle all of your technology in one package – everything with one provider.

We'll Work Together
Design It With Us

We work with you every step of the way – your network will be built the way you need it.

Initial Consultation

We start with a consultation where we go over everything you currently have, learn how your business operates, and learn what your goals are.

Planning and Design

During the Planning and Design phase, we will provide you with plans (similar to blueprints) for your network and get your input.


During the implementation phase, we will install and configure all of your hardware. We will do most of the work during off-hours.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

All Types Of Networks.
Endless Possibilities.

An On-Premises Network has all of the resources located in your office. Your servers, network storage, email services, phone systems, and other hardware are all located in your office. This is the preferred method for most medical professionals and legal professionals, who need to take extra measures to ensure data is not compromised, and have to follow legal compliance requirements.

Hybrid networks are the most common configuration. Some resources (servers, storage, etc) are located in-house, where other resources (email, phone system, communications servers) are hosted in the cloud. Many businesses prefer the convenience of having certain features cloud-based, while still enjoying the safety of having on-premises servers and storage.

A Cloud based solution relies more heavily on cloud-based services than a hybrid network. In a Cloud network, typically the only pieces of hardware stored on site are routers, switches, and access points. Other devices, such as servers, domain controllers, and application servers, are all hosted in the cloud. If you have many employees working from home, this may be the way to go.

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It costs nothing, and could get you set up with a high-end computer network for much cheaper than you would expect.

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