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    Apollo Networks will base the savings off of any services being replaced, relative to the current monthly cost of those services. For the sake of the guarantee, Apollo Networks will reference your current applicable bills, and provide a quote for identical services. In the event we are unable to lower your costs by at least 1%, we will provide lunch for up to 4 people at a price of up to $25 per person. You do not need to purchase equipment or services from Apollo Networks to be eligible for a free lunch. The difference in price will not include any additional services being quoted. Return on investment for any new equipment being purchased guaranteed to be less than 60 months. Return on investment is calculated as a pre-tax amount relative to the new monthly spending. Limit one lunch per business during the duration of the promotion. Business owners with multiple businesses are welcomed to get quotes for each business, but only one free lunch will be provided during the promotion. Apollo Networks reserves the right to end the promotion at any time without notice.